Real Men
Real Leaders

Our mission is…

“Cultivating young men into leaders by influencing positive decision-making.”

We hope to achieve that through our Vision statement:
Connecting male youth to opportunities that motivate and inspire them to commit to their communities and each other in becoming productive and responsible citizens.

Who we are

Real Men Real Leaders consists of concerned community members in Garden City, Kansas who mentor local youth. We guide these young men and offer life skill training so they can become the Real Men and Real Leaders their communities need.

Come meet Our Board Members.

What we do

Starting with 5th and 6th grade age boys, our Mentors each are assigned a couple of kids. They build a bond of trust with each boy, knowing that trusted advisors are listened to and their wisdom sought.

We plan activities, have a weekly lunch at their schools, and use the Botvin LifeSkills Training program to build their character.

You can help

The Real Men Real Leaders program is always looking for principled men of good character to become Mentors.

If you have any interest in becoming a Mentor please visit the Contact Us page and call Jonas or fill out the form.