Honorary Board Members

An Honorary Board Member is someone who has shown exemplary dedication and support for the corporation, but circumstances make it unable for them to serve in the capacity of a regular member. The Honorary Member may attend and participate in all meetings, has all the rights and privileges of regular members, but is a non-voting participant.

Honorary Members are nominated and elected annually by a majority vote at our annual meeting.

We wish to recognize those special people here, and thank them for their support and dedication to Real Men Real Leaders.

Phil Escareno – November 2021

phil escareno headshot

“A Real Man” is a person who believes in God, Respects his wife and family, and supports his family through good and bad times. Is a person that can be counted on to help those in need and will take responsibility for his actions.

Phil Escareno

Robert DeLeon – November 2020

robert deleon photo

“Others!” This one word was the entire contents of a Christmas telegram sent by Salvation Army founder, General William Booth, in the early 1900s to encourage Army leaders around the world.

Booth could not afford to send a telegram containing a long message to his officers around the world.  So, his entire message needed to be reduced to a single word.  William Booth did not want The Salvation Army to forget about the needs of those they were ministering to spiritually.

Booth put it this way: “But what is the use of preaching the Gospel to men whose whole attention is concentrated on a mad, desperate struggle to keep themselves alive.”

So, with one word, “Others!” General Booth reminded the officers to be like Christ and to think of and serve others and their physical needs.

This is the example I follow for my life. OTHERS!

Robert DeLeon

Anthony Cruz – November 2018

You can always rise above your circumstances despite adversity. Always stay strong and prove yourself to be a Real Man.

Anthony Cruz

James Mireles –  November 2015

“A Real Man” is someone who accepts responsibility for their actions and is willing to work with the youth to create better tomorrows. Someone who is interested in making a difference in their communities and our county.

James Mireles

Reynaldo Mesa –  November 2014

reynaldo mesa headshot

“It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow”…Ralph Ellison

Reynaldo Mesa

Dennis Mesa – November 2013

We all have a vested interest in improving life within the community we are blessed to call home. As we have benefited from others, we should pass along the best of those values, expressing strength of character, kindness, and compassion for one another.

For those struggling, we have a calling of greater purpose, an obligation to serve, fulfilling the need as friend and family, providing a sense of unity, and protecting those who have a need

Dennis Mesa