Stepping it Up


Stepping It Up

The Stepping it Up program was created to teach valuable life skills to twelve 5th & 6th grade age Hispanic male students. It’s no secret that young men, and young Hispanic men in particular, are in crisis. The statistics on graduation rates, employment, and crime are shocking.

Real Men Real Leaders Inc. Six steps of success are the six character traits collaborated from a group of community leaders and successful business people. They are also found throughout history to be the foundation of great men and great leaders. These six traits are knowledge, preparedness, trustworthy, dependable, respect and honor. Included we will introduce these students to leadership team building exercises which will be taught by RMRL own board members.

A portion of our curriculum is also designed to create well rounded productive citizens. We intend to expose these students to experiences they may never have an opportunity to engage. Golf, bowling, and swimming lessons are skills every child should experience. Field trips to the Zoo, a local farm, or something as simple as attending a college football game may seem routine, and many of us may even take for granted, but a child that comes from poverty might never know these exist

Our program doesn’t stop at education. We have a system in place to track these students throughout elementary school into high school. We will use all available resources available to us to ensure these students graduate and pursue and achieve their goals and dreams.

Our Board consists of community leaders and business professionals who have a network of contacts that range from small and large corporations, schools and political ties at the local, state and direct ties to the Governor’s office. We have hopes in the decades to come these young students replace our current board bringing hope and new ideas for the next generations of our community.

Our Instructors

Jonas Cruz

After School Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Garden City, KS and attended St. Mary’s School through 8th grade, and graduated from Garden City High School. Jonas served in the US Army and was deployed with the 467th Engineer Platoon in 1990 for Desert Shield/Storm and was awarded the Kuwait Liberation Medal.

After returning home, he completed GCCC with an Associate degree and joined the family’s three businesses, which have been running for over 25 years. Now working for UPS, and proud to be the After School Program Coordinator of Real Men Real Leaders.

Jonas is married and has 2 adult children.

Octavio Ortega headshot

Octavio Ortega

Assistant Coordinator

Octavio was born in Aurora Illinois, and his family moved to Garden City Kansas in the summer of “78”. He attended Alta Brown Elementary ( Go Dragons ) and then went to Kenneth Henderson Middle School.  He finished his education and graduated from Garden City High School in 1988.

Octavio has been working at UPS for 19 years, is married and has 3 kids who are all attending Fort Hays State University.